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Market Leader Program

Coherent Optics Evolution

Initially adopted by hyperscalers, coherent pluggable optics are now finding favor with Communications Service Providers (CSPs). CSPs acknowledge their ability to reduce costs, stimulate innovation, and improve network efficiency, leading to a growing adoption of technologies such as 400G coherent pluggable optics. Heavy Reading initiated its Coherent Optics Market Leadership Program in 2021, now in its third year, focusing on the future of these optics, including IPoDWDM integration.

Discover valuable resources to delve deeper into the advancements and implications of coherent pluggable optics.

White Paper

Coherent Pluggable Optics:
A 2023 Heavy Reading Survey

This white paper is based on Heavy Reading’s 2023 results. It provides the industry’s most in-depth look at the current state and future trajectory of coherent optical transmission and covers the following topics:


Coherent Pluggable Optics:
The Next Frontier

In this webinar, Heavy Reading, along with experts from Ciena, Effect Photonics, and Infinera, will reveal insights from their 2023 global coherent optics operator survey, exploring the future of CSP coherent pluggable optics from 100G to 800G.
Featured Blogs

Featured blog

IPoDWDM: Plugging Into Compatibility Issues

Key findings from Heavy Reading’s 2023 Coherent Optics Market Leadership Program show that IPoDWDM has secured a place within telecom network architectures, but the industry must still overcome operational challenges.

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Featured blog

The Expanding Universe of Coherent Pluggable Optics

Key findings from Heavy Reading’s 2023 Coherent Optics Market Leadership Program show that improving performance and expanding supplier diversity in coherent pluggable optics will benefit network operators.

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Featured blog

Scaling Up and Down With Coherent Pluggable Optics

Key findings from Heavy Reading’s 2023 Coherent Optics Market Leadership Program show that coherent pluggable optics have been a resounding industry success, but operators will continue to need new variants to meet their needs.

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We see things differently. So we build things differently.

Ciena is a global leader in networking systems, services, and software. We build the most adaptive networks in the industry, enabling customers to anticipate and meet ever-increasing digital demands with flexible, open, and sustainable solutions that better serve all users.

Infinera delivers leading-edge open optical networking solutions and advanced optical semiconductors enabling carriers, cloud operators, governments, and enterprises to scale bandwidth and accelerate service innovation for long-haul, submarine, DCI, and metro transport applications.
Where Light Meets Digital – EFFECT Photonics is a highly vertically integrated, independent photonic semiconductor company, addressing the need for high-performance, affordable solutions driven by the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and faster data transfer capabilities. EFFECT Photonics, operating on a global scale, is headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, along with offices in the UK, the US, and Taiwan, and a vast network of sales partners spread across the globe.

Meet the Speakers

Sterling Perrin

Senior Principal Analyst, Optical Networks & Transport, Heavy Reading

Helen Xenos

Senior Director, Portfolio Marketing, Ciena

Harald Graber

Chief Commercial Officer, EFFECT Photonics

Fady Masoud

Senior Director for Solutions Marketing, Infinera